Marine Cruise Ship Lighting

Marine Lighting – We design, install and program Audio Visual and LED systems in every area of a Cruise ship from clubs, bars, casinos, restaurants, and theatres to main task lighting areas and cabins.

Marine Lighting & entertainment systems on the external decks are one of the greatest sound and lighting challenges on a ship requiring every care and thought in the design process. Weather at sea can be very cruel so knowledge and experience in selecting equipment and its protection is essential. However, it also has to accommodate different functions at any time, ranging from ambient sound and light to an impressive visual system for outdoor events.

With carbon emissions being in the fore and increasing fuel costs Ghs is proud to be a pioneer in the design and installation of LED systems into cruise ships; from club, casino, bar, cabins or the main Atrium illumination, the systems we provide have helped reduce costs from maintenance visits, lamp changing, fuel costs and thus carbon emissions.

Ghs understand the significance of carbon emissions on climate change. It is our priority to help companies we work with to improve and maximise system performance whilst reducing their environmental impact and long term carbon footprint. We aim to achieve this through considerate design practices and following best practice guidelines from independent organisations such as the Carbon Trust as well as the use of low energy products such as LED and low energy fittings where possible.

marine lightingmarine lightingmarine lighting