With carbon emissions being in the fore and increasing fuel costs Ghs is proud to be a pioneer in the design and installation of LED systems into cruise ships; from club, casino, bar, cabins or the main Atrium illumination, the systems we provide have helped reduce costs from maintenance visits, lamp changing, fuel costs and thus carbon emissions.

Ghs understand the significance of carbon emissions on climate change. It is our priority to help companies we work with to improve and maximise system performance whilst reducing their environmental impact and long term carbon footprint. We aim to achieve this through considerate design practices and following best practice guidelines from independent organisations such as the Carbon Trust as well as the use of low energy products such as LED and low energy fittings where possible.

We are a UK-based Global LED Lighting and Audio Visual Specialist who have delivered a wide range of projects all over the world. We also carry a large range of stock in our store from lighting supplies to commercial and residential audio, home cinema and automation equipment.

There really is no limit to what we can do from lighting bridges and cruise ships to designing and fitting sensory room fibre optic ceiling stars in a child’s bedroom.

Please get in touch with our team to discuss your project ideas, plans and budgets. Our design team can consult with you about the best solutions for your needs as part of our free survey.