About Us

Key People

George Bailey | Managing Director

George has over 25 years experience working in the audio-visual and LED lighting industry, he started in the early nineties working on the Rave scene setting up laser shows.

In 1996 he started work with COETECH, they were a lighting, design and distribution company selling Italian manufacturer TAS and Coemar lighting for clubs and theatres from there he was head hunted to work for the installation division of the AV giant GEARHOUSE they had 67 companies around the world working on projects such as the Olympics and other major events and concerts.

The installation division specialised in LED lighting and control solutions, they used to install the companies permanent projects such as The Millennium DOME, UCI cinemas, SKY TV news room, PWC (Price water house coopers) and Jumeirah beach hotels, Dubai. The Dubai and UK management started up a new company called Promedia solutions, George worked for them until the end of 2004 when he left and started GHS special projects in 14th Jan 2005 working for Carnival UK cruise liners and other major building companies.

Jeremy Hunter | Technical Director

Jez and George have been working together since 1998 were they meet at GEARHOUSE, Jez is extremely technically gifted and experienced in control and electronics, he started in mid nineties working at Turnkey solutions, London.

Jez was head hunted to work for the installation division of the AV giant GEARHOUSE at the same time as George, his first role was to start the design and installation of the Millennium DOME, and to follow he worked on UCI cinemas, SKY TV news room, PWC (Price water house coopers).

Jez then moved to Promedia solutions with George worked for them until the end of 2004 when he left and worked for Fuzion, an Audio distribution company for 4 years then rejoined George as head of the technical team.

What we do


GHS special projects are now a leader in design and installation for home automation audio visual LED systems and commercial building projects. We have our own GHSLED lighting products manufactured for us using OSRAM chips and OSRAM drivers to work perfectly with all major dimming and control companies.
We offer to all our customers a FREE design service and consultation.* all major Manufactures of LED lighting – DMX512 Control modules for RTI / Heatmiser * Distributors of # iPad wall plates – LED Lighting – Audio systems – Home cinema seating – Fibre optics – Wireless blinds – RAKO controls – RTI.

LED Lighting design and supply. Audio Visual Control, we offer nationwide UK coverage and worldwide project management design services.

GHS can provide a complete AVL (Audio Visual Lighting) turnkey solution, we offer a FREE site survey and can produce LED Lighting Consumption Optimisation reports to all our clients to help reduce the ever growing energy costs and reduce their carbon emissions.

Carbon Emissions

GHS understand the significance of carbon emissions on climate change. It is our priority to help companies we work with to improve and optimise system performance whilst reducing their environmental impact and long term carbon footprint. We aim to achieve this through considerate design practices and following best practice guidelines from independent organisations such as the Carbon Trust as well as the use of low energy products such as LED and low energy fittings where possible.

AV System Overview

From a small cinema to a complete home network system, GHS can provide full design and project management for any type of your installation. Controlling your system is very important we can provide remote controls or LCD mini touch screens into rooms required and even utilising your mobile phone (iPhone).
Small company boardrooms and large global organisations have used the experience of our engineers and project managers world wide, Our expertise is in getting the project completed for you perfectly. Presentation systems and full control can be programmed for easy use to make life easer for the presenter and set up.
The most important thing for bars and restaurants is creating an ambiance, our control and processing systems together with our LED lighting can create the perfect light and sound environment. Touch screen wall panels can have programmed set levels for ease of use running RGB (colour change) from DMX and white light with LUTRON / RTI for example.