Fibre Optic Lighting

GHS design and build bespoke Fibre Optic Lighting solutions for commercial & residential use.

Whether you are looking for mood lighting in a salon, cinema or just your bedroom, fibre optics can really set the mood for a room.

With a wide range of control solutions including RGB colour changing from mobile phone to console based systems.

we have a solution to suit your room size, design aspirations and budget.

Please get in touch with a member of our lighting design team today to find out more. 0161 737 7333 or email

Take a look at some of our relevant case studies below:

Fibre Optic skills and people to turn your lighting concepts into a reality. Since starting out in the industry more than 20 years ago, UFO have developed an extensive range of fibre optic and LED lighting systems and with it a reputation for quality and excellence.

Clients choose to work with us because they favour the innovative high quality products, and the outstanding levels of service that they provide.

UFO have one of the widest ranges available and are extremely proud of the fact that our fibre optic and LED lighting products are designed.

Whether you are an OEM client interested in purchasing reels of fibre, a lighting designer in need of a bespoke lighting system for an architectural application, or a member of the public who wants to install a star ceiling or downlighters in your home, we can develop a solution to your exact specifications.

Our continued investment in the latest technologies and strategic vision for growth has led us to expand our product range more recently.

The addition of our energy efficient LED light sources and luminaires.

Fibre Optic LightingFibre Optic Lighting in a Home Cinema

Fibre Optic Lighting for Bedrooms
Bedroom Lighting

Fibre Optic Ceiling Stars
Ceiling Stars