Industrial Lighting

GHS can provide all types of Industrial LED lighting products, from Pendants and Floodlights to Giant LED Filament Bulbs. Our Industrial Lighting team can supply the latest in LED designed filament light bulbs and pendants for bars and restaurants, please call for details for latest information.

GHS supply and design lighting for all types of projects,there are various options available when designing industrial lighting solutions for buildings. Choices ranging from High Powered LED (single or colour changing), City colour floods (2500 CYM) to more conventional Metal Halide or Sodium type light fittings. Designing lighting systems using more conventional metal Halide Lamp based products is still very popular but with the introduction of LED we can now design industrial lighting systems without using large projectors that often disfigure a facade of a beautiful building.

With RGBW LED lighting we can create scenes required by the client; from small scale systems like fascia or eves etc to large scale of complete colour change building coverage.

Not only is the new industrial LED range of fixtures more discreet but also much more importantly, they are energy efficient, low maintenance and therefore work out more cost effective.

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