Theatre Lighting


Theatre Lighting – When going to a show at a theatre, lighting and sound are integral aspects of an evening of entertainment. The brightness and clarity of the audio and visual systems are imperative in every performance.

Theatre lighting consultants and designers are now beginning to use LED systems rather than the conventional high voltage lamped products. Although special effects units such as moving heads (yokes and scans) still need to be used, LEDs can now completely replace the high powered colour strollers and lighting systems. Because the use of these reduce heat emissions and energy usage so significantly, all our designs incorporate LED based systems and consequently benefit the client in helping them lower carbon emissions as well as operating cost savings so significantly that they cannot be ignored.

Clarity of speech, vocals, music and sound effects are important in every theatre. Ghs design and install systems to address this need by using and programming high quality processing, speakers and amplification to optimize the sound systems specifically for each venue.

Ghs understand the significance of carbon emissions on climate change. It is our priority to help companies we work with to improve and maximise system performance whilst reducing their environmental impact and long term carbon footprint. We aim to achieve this through considerate design practices and following best practice guidelines from independent organisations such as the Carbon Trust as well as the use of low energy products such as LED and low energy fittings where possible.

Theatre lightingTheatre lightingTheatre lightingTheatre lightingTheatre lighting