Hotel Lighting


Hotel Lighting – GHS supply and design hotel lighting for all types of projects,there are various options available when designing architectural lighting and industrial lighting for buildings. Public Address Voice Alarm (PA/VA) and Background music systems for both Hotels and retail stores are important for fire evacuation and the use of piped music. BS regulated speakers and main systems are required, as well as these standard systems. We can install new systems, upgrade your system to a higher level or modify a foreground system to accommodate live music or a DJ to create an ambience to suit an event. Lighting products MR16, GU10, AR111 and Fluorescents are all lighting systems that are commonly used for general task lighting in the retail/hotel sectors. All these products can now be replaced with a full LED system like for like as well as offering some major advantages. Ghs understand the significance of carbon emissions on climate change. It is our priority to help companies we work with to improve and maximise system performance whilst reducing their environmental impact and long term carbon footprint. We aim to achieve this through considerate design practices and following best practice guidelines from independent organisations such as the Carbon Trust as well as the use of low energy products such as LED and low energy fittings where possible
Hotel lightingHotel lightingHotel lightingHotel lighting