Interface & Accessories

Rako controls offer a number of product options including wireless control for ease of installation and retro-fit applications to more complex solutions for a wired network. The ability to offer wireless, wired or combined options means that Rako controls can provide the best possible approach for any project.

We’re proud of our customer service.  The support centre gives useful information from planning a system to helpful set-up guides, videos and system overviews as well as datasheets and manuals.

App Control

Interface & Accessories Available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Android the App offers simple and intuitive user control

Wireless control panels can be both flush or surface mounted, neither need wires and surface mounting eliminates the need for a back-box. Wired panels connect using a cat5 network with LED tell-back indicators.

The App can control all Rako systems, both wired and wireless, allowing easy hand-held control of lighting, curtains and blinds. Connecting via a Bridge the App allows programming and storing new scene levels and offers colour wheel control for RGB and RGBW fittings. Interface & Accessories

Most Third Party system integration is achieved using IP control with any of the Rako Bridges linking to the ethernet allowing system communication. The majority of third party systems have dedicated Rako drivers available making implementation straight forward. For those that don’t, we publishes a full IP command summary available from the link below.