Dimmer module

Dimmer module Wall dimmers allow you to vary the intensity of light emitted from your light sources and give you the flexibility to vary the amount of light in any area depending on your requirements such as the activities you want to perform or the atmosphere you wish to create.

At GHS we have a range of wall dimmers available for you to choose from so that controlling your lighting couldn’t be any simpler.  We are able to advise you on the best solution for dimming solutions whether that be for use in residential homes, commercial building such as hotels, shopping centres, offices, cinemas or any architectural lighting applications.

We are able to offer wall dimmers for use with wall lights as well as ceiling lights and our range of wall dimmers allow you to take full control of how you want to have your lighting, whether that be creating mood lighting for a dinner party, giving your customers the right type of lighting in your store, controlling the lighting in your hotel rooms or anything else we have it covered. Dimmer module

We realise that planning a state of the art dimming technology to meet your needs yet at the same time be simple to use and cost effective can be confusing as there is a wide range of lamp types and fittings available and you need to ensure that these are all compatible for use with each other as not all lighting is able to be dimmed. That’s where our experience team is on hand to help you out and provide advice on led dimmer switches, dimmer lamps and more that can all be controlled via our wall dimmers.

We partner with the biggest manufacturers and are a distributor for RAKO controls but why not get in touch with us on 0161 737 7333 or send us an email to info@ghsspecialprojects.com and we can discuss your project with you further to get you the best possible wall dimming solution.