Boardroom Lighting


Boardroom Lighting – GHS supply electricians and electrical wholesalers with LED ceiling panels for schools and offices all sizes available and we believe we have the best prices, please give us a call for project trade prices. 0161 7377333 go to our LED panel page for prices and details –

SmartShow  – The Professional Simple AV Solution

GHS can provide your company with a complete Audio & Video back bone network system over CAT cable. This system is very simple to design and install, running CAT 5/6 from point to point is all you need to do and then just choose from which type of information you want to send: Stereo audio, VGA, RS232, RGBHV (Data), CVBS, YUV, YPbPr (Component) Y/C, RGsB, RGBS, Scart, S-Video – A Transmitter/Receiver will sit at each end and will decipher the data sent and display it onto your monitor/LCD/plasma/projector.

Equipment Systems Available

SmartShow IP: Control AV systems from anywhere in the world through advanced new web browser software option that controls SmartShow distribution matrices via an in-built secure web server.

Matrix Network: High quality 300M range – Matrix Switch from 4 inputs up to 32 – Cat5 UXGA, RGBS, YUV, Y/C and CVBS and Stereo Audio Inputs & 32 Outputs with RS232/422 and Infra-Red Control options.

HD Mixing: From 8 to 16 HDMI inputs to 8 to 16 CAT* outputs. Infa-Red and IP control available.

Matrix Core: High quality Matrix Switch for up to 64 Cat5 UXGA, RGBS, YUV, Y/C and CVBS and Stereo Audio Inputs & 64 Outputs with RS232/422 and Infra-Red Control options.

Receivers/Transmitters: We have an extensive range of multi-feature receivers which provide an array of options. Choosing the right combination of receivers is critical to ensuring maximum operation, if you would like advice, please contact us.

We install and design a wide variety of projectors and touch screen technology systems for the Corporate and Education sectors. Through innovative use of the latest technology and cutting edge systems we strive to keep ahead of our competitors in all business areas.

Projection systems along with audio systems are becoming more sought after today, not only for the use as boardroom video conferencing but also as entertainment suites with satellite TV to host social and networking events.

Ghs realise the importance of reducing and keeping the carbon footprint levels down and we strive and pursue to find systems utilising LED & Low energy fittings where-ever when-ever we can.

boardroom Lightingboardroom Lightingboardroom Lighting