RAK4-R 4 Channel Twin Relay Curtain and Blind Controller

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4 Channel, twin relay curtain and blind rack. Universal controller fitted with twin volt free change over relays. Stackable with other RAK4 units. Requires RAK-LINK for wired or RX-LINK for wireless systems.

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Rako RAK-4R Installation Manual

Rako RAK-4R Data Sheet

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Rako RAK-4R -4 Channel, twin relay curtain and blind rack WIRE-FREE CONTROL The Rako RAK-4R is a four channel controller which can be used to operate most types of Curtain, Blinds and Screen motors. The Rako RAK-4R has a single L-N-Earth 230v ac input. Each of the four outputs comprise two uncommitted volt-free relays. The relays can be wired or switched to suit the specific motor connected to them. The RAK4-R provides auxiliary Live outputs that can be used to drive ac motors. The Rako RAK-4R is designed for use as a single 4 channel controller or to be stacked together to other RAK-4’s to give more outputs.  RAK4-R can be stacked with other members of the RAK4 family, a single stack may contain an mixture of RAK-4T, RAK-4R, RAK-4L, RAK-4F etc. Whether forming a single 4 channel rack or multiples each stack requires to be connected to an Rx-Link wireless receiver or RAK-Link wired unit. A single Rx-Link can support up to 4 RAK-4 units. A RAK-Link can support up to 8 RAK-4 units. The RAK-4R dimmer can be used seamlessley with other Rako modules,such as RDL in-line dimmers, RCP/RCM wallplates, RAH hand helds, Bridge units. Each RAK-4 box needs to be fed by a 10A Type B MCB

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