Flood Lights

Flood lights can be used for indoors and outdoors to provide lighting for large areas of space.  As well as being used as a security light as a deterrent to any intruders and as a safety feature, they can be used as a way to light up large outdoor spaces such as driveways, entrances, pathways and sports halls, warehouses.  Our LED flood lights also offer low-energy lighting whilst at the same time providing high light output and a long lifespan than using Metal Halide (HQi) or HID floodlights for example. Floodlighting can be used for both residential and commercial properties and should you need to purchase these in a large quantity we are able to offer trade discounts, just contact us to find out more.

There are many factors to consider when selecting and designing flood lighting.  In most cases, glare is a main consideration when lighting a gym, car parking or warehouse space where it Is essential to have uniform light to reduce the amount of work the eye has to do to adjust.

As our floodlights are designed for outdoor use these offer a variety of factors an IP65 Rating meaning they can be safely used outdoors. An IP (Ingress Protection) rating relates to the amount of protection that a light provides against solid object and water ingress. The higher the number the better protection offered. As a flood light is typically going to be used in an exterior area then it needs to have at least a IP65 rating.

Our floodlights are available to purchase in single colour or in RGB. Our RGB floodlights have been successfully used to light up the exterior space in properties including Hotels, Restaurants and many other commercial properties too and offer something that little bit different to the usual outdoor lighting you may come across.  Our LED Floodlights have been utilised for garden lighting and even to create an amazing lighting effect on the 360 Club in Dubai.

If you need any help deciding which type of flood lighting is right for you then why not take advantage of our free lighting and design service.  Also see our RGB section for colour lighting. Just give one of our team a call on 0161 737 7333 or send us an email to info@ghsspecialprojects.com and one of our team will be in touch soon.