Light emitting diodes (LED’s) are one of our most energy efficient and developing technologies and that’s where our specialism in this area comes into play as we are able to offer our customers advice and high quality installations for the latest LED lighting products available.

There are a wide range of LED lighting products available to choose from including:

Colour change lighting
Emergency lighting
Ribbon lights
Track lights
LED Panels
LED tube lighting
Flood lights

We are able to provide various LED lighting options for use in almost anywhere you can think of including residential, commercial, retail, healthcare, hospitality and so many other areas. We realise that getting the lighting right is extremely important so that’s where our FREE lighting design service is available for all our customers so we can ensure you are getting the right type of products to meet your needs whilst at the same time taking into consideration your budget too.

View our range of LED lighting products but if you can’t see what you are looking for then you can always give us a call on 0161 737 7333 or send us an email to info@ghsspecialprojects.com and one of our team will be in touch with you to discuss your project further.

In addition to providing LED lights we are able to offer various ways to control your lighting and that’s where our control systems can be fully tailored to meet your needs. Using various control systems (as we are a distributor for RAKO controls and use RTi control systems) we can integrate this with technology such as iPad and smartphone control so no matter how you want to control your lights we can make this possible.