If you are looking for lighting that can offer something that little bit different they why not think about investing in some LED colour change lighting maybe. Our range of LED colour changing lighting provides you with the chance to change the colour of your lighting to suit your mood/create an atmosphere with ease for both indoor and outdoor applications.

For ease of use we offer a range of options for LED lighting control as we are a sub-distributor for PHAROAS Controls, Mode and a number of others as well so if you don’t see what you are looking for or are not sure which type of control is the right one for you just let us know.

Take advantage of our FREE lighting design service no matter what the size of you project may be and our LED lighting can be made in RGBW (Red Green Blue White), RGBA (Red Green Blue Amber). We can offer both off the shelf colour change lighting such as Flood Lights, Light Bars and Wall lights. We can even supply something just as simple as colour changing LED Bulbs. If you require bespoke products, then we can arrange for these to be made to order such as for external and marine grade applications.

So to find out more about what our colour change LED lighting has to offer you just let us know what you need by giving us a call on 0161 737 7333 or send us an email to sales@ghsspecialprojects.com