Speaker cable

Box Technology – All types available – call for project trade prices

We’ve created the best pulling box in the industry.


We can provide all types of cable and XLR & SPEAKON connectors for all installations – Signal cable for DMX (XLR CABLE / SPEAKON CABLE).

Spend more time working. Our Big Mouth Payout and unique cable winding pattern makes for easier pulls and less hassle. Other features such as reinforced handles, water resistant paper laminate and newly upgraded 24kg burst test cardboard, make this the most solidly built box in the industry. Try it once and you’ll never go back. speaker cable

Cable Technology

Tons of innovation in every single cable.

It turns out there are a lot of ways to make cable faster and more efficient to install. We relentlessly engineered time and labor saving innovations into every aspect of our cables, from the way it’s constructed, down to the markings printed on the outer jacket. Taken together, these features give you an exceptional installation experience.

Safety Certifications

Certifications exist to ensure that products are meeting or exceeding the requirements of a region’s safety codes, while also ensuring that they meet the technological requirements necessary for their installations. This protects consumers against a range of issues, including electric shock, burns, and electric arcing. speaker cable

The Worldwide One-Cable Standard.

With cable certification, you can sleep well knowing your installation is ensured to have full product interoperability and compliance. Transmit 100m with a single hop and up to 800m with 8 hops. Featuring HDBaseT certification, REELEX II technology, UL Listing and ETL performance verification. This is as good as it gets.