samsung – QLED takes light and turns it into breath-taking colour. Make nights in spectacular and experience sport as if you’re in the stadium Discover bold contrast, night and day. With extremely low light reflectivity , QLED TVs deliver an incredible picture and impeccable contrast across a wider variety of lighting environments than any other. Experience a picture that’s perfect in all conditions. Make every seat a great seat with stunningly wide viewing angles. There’s no more fighting with the rest of the family over the prime viewing spot. Samsung QLED TVs are composed of inorganic materials that provide consistently bright and vivid image quality for years. sumsung

What is Screen Burn?

Screen burn is a permanent defect in areas of a TV display that can be caused by the effects of viewing the same image or scene for long periods of time, sometimes even as little as one hour. QLED TVs don’t have this issue and come with a 10 year screen burn warranty*.


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